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About Me...

My Company is Based on the Belief that My Customers' Needs Are of the Utmost Importance. I am Committed to Meeting Those Needs. As a Result, a High Percentage of My Business IS From Repeat Customers and Referrals.

I Would Welcome the Opportunity to Earn Your Trust and Deliver YOU the Best Service in the Industry.


North Main St.

Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Mon - Fri: 10AM - 6PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed ( unless there's a " Dead Line " )


Business: Cell 707-813-0899

Home: 707-964-3281

 I Provide Yard n Home TRASH OUTS Due to Bank Foreclosures and Abandonments...

( see TRASH OUT Photos )

*1) This Also Includes MAID Services and GRASS Cuts, DOOR LOCKS n LOCK BOXES, per Fanny Mae

       ( see TRASH OUT Photos )

(*1) BID for REPAIRS, Removal of HAZ MAT, Posting SIGNS n NOTICES, CO2/SMOKE Detectors.

       ( see TRASH OUT Photos )

(*2) I also Include Before n During n After Photos...

This Service ( Mendocino County ) I Gather Up Personal n Yard DEBRIS, at Costs of Your (*3) Local Dump Fees, per Cu. Yd. And WOOD n GREENERY, also at Costs of Your Local Dump Fees, of $18 per Cu. Yd. and Then Rent a (*5) U-Haul and

Remove The Gathered Up Stuff and Take It To Your (*3,*4) Local Dump...

"MY COST " is Equal to the COST of the Local Dump Fees + the Reimbursements for the (*5) U-Haul Fees + Gas + Mileage

Example:10 Cu Yds. of WOOD and GREEN at ( All Dumps ) $18 per Cu Yds. = $180 + My Fee of $180 = $360.00 +

the Fee of the (*5) U-Haul ( per day ) + Gas + Mileage = approx. $420

( approx. 10 hrs. of work )

Example: 10 Cu Yds. of DEBRIS at Casper Dump Fee (4) $28.50 per Cu Yds. = $285.00 + My Fee of $285.00 = $570.00 +

the Fee of the (*5) U-Haul ( per day ) + Gas + Mileage = approx. $625.00. Both WOOD n DEBRIS = approx. $1000

( approx. 16 hrs. of work )


(*1) The Prices of All the " Other Services " Are per Industries Standards Price Listings...

(*2) $25 ( usually 100 photos or so )

(*3) Other Dumps in Other Areas Charge approx. $85 per Tonnage But Still Charge $18 Cu Yd. for WOOD n' GREEN...

(*4) The Casper Local Dump is Closed Thursdays n Fridays, But I Will Work On Sundays, If the Job Requires It So...

(*5) $19.95 Up to 14 ft. and $29.95 for 17 ft. and Above + .89 per mile Mon thru Thur. and $1.10 per mile Fri thru Sunday...



Pacific Preservation Services, Thousand Oaks, CA. 805-496-1084

ABG Field Services LLC. San Ramon, CA. 714-650-4442

Property Preservation Services LLC. Laguna Niguel, CA. 949-612-0342

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